Fake Accounts


Fake Accounts

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Fake Accounts

Author :  Lauren Oyler

A woman in a post-election tailspin
discovers that her boyfriend is an anonymous online conspiracy theorist
in this provocative and subversive debut novel that examines social
media, sex, feminism, and fiction, the connection they’ve all promised,
and the lies they help us tell.

On the eve of Donald
Trump’s inauguration, a young woman snoops through her boyfriend’s phone
and makes a startling discovery: he’s an anonymous internet conspiracy
theorist, and a popular one at that. Already fluent in internet fakery,
irony, and outrage, she’s not exactly shocked by the revelation.
Actually, she’s relieved–he was always a little distant–and she plots to
end their floundering relationship while on a trip to the Women’s March
in DC. But this is only the first in a series of bizarre twists that
expose a world whose truths are shaped by online lies.

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