WEB3: What Is Web3? Potential of Web 3.0


WEB3: What Is Web3? Potential of Web 3.0

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WEB3: What Is Web3? Potential of Web 3.0

Author:Patrick Ejeke

As Web 2.0 matures and grows to Web 3.0 — a decentralized layer atop the present web infrastructure — it’s worth reflecting on the early days of the Internet more than 25 years ago. If you’re old enough, you may remember the fear and doubt that gripped everyone back then. We recognized the possibilities, but sending credit card information out into the unknown in the hopes of receiving a book or other item, or checking bank balances over the internet, seemed almost insane. These days, we don’t give it a second thought. Web 2.0 has  become an essential element of our lives and enterprises, simplifying administration in ways we could never have anticipated.

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