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Wallet & Affiliate Program Usage Guideline

1, Wallet Usage Guideline

The wallet can be used to purchase e-books, the commission obtained through the affiliate program can be transferred to the wallet for the purchase of e-books, and the wallet can be withdrawn to your PayPal account.

(1) Register for an account to get $2.5 voucher in your wallet, which can be viewed in the wallet (click the wallet in the menu bar, or view in the wallet of my account);

(2) Log in and visit the website every day, the wallet will automatically get $0.1 voucher (can be checked in the account wallet, voucher arrival time is different, there will be email reminders every day);

(3) Affiliate program: 10% commission can be obtained for lifetime through referral link of the affiliate, and the commission can be transferred to the wallet;

(4) 10% cash back for wallet recharge, minimum recharge $50;

(5) The wallet can be withdrawn to the PayPal account. In the wallet of “my account”, click to withdraw and fill in the information (For withdrawal, please fill in the correct PayPal account email address);

(6) 10% service fee is deducted from wallet withdrawal, and the minimum withdrawal is $50;

2,Affiliate Program Usage Guideline

(1) When registering a website account, the affiliate account is registered by default, enter the account to view or click on the menu bar affiliate to view;

(2) Commissions can be obtained for lifetime, every time a customer purchases from your referral link can generate commissions;

(3) For the detail of distribution products , you can check the area of the affiliate program.